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This is a new blog that I am creating at this time. I will be adding photos during the next few weeks. Check back to see more as additions are posted. Thanks for stopping by ~


In the 1800s and half of the 1900s, Akron, Ohio was a happinin' place. Akron began as a small canal town and grew into the rubber capitol of the world. All major rubber companies were located in Akron. Goodyear, Firestone, B.F. Goodrich, Seiberling Rubber, Miller Rubber, General Tire, Diamond Rubber, the list goes on. There was so much rubber industry in the city that steps were taken during World War II to protect Akron from air raids from Japan and Germany. But Akron was well known for other industries as well. Sewer pipe, street car trucks, (the wheels for trollys), cereal, farming equipment, matches, farm produce, just to list a few.

On my blog of Akron's historical pictures, many of the companies are shown. But what of the men? What about Akron's industrialists? Who were they? What did they look like? We've all seen photos of big industrialists of the United States and the world...the Astors, Morgans, Rothchields, etc. But how many have seen pictures of Akron's early businessmen?

This is a companion blog to the Historic Akron Pictures blog that I created. Here you will meet Akron's famous. You'll be able to see them, touch them, talk to them, hold it! I'm getting carried away here. But you WILL be able to see them at least. So, let's get goin'...